| Accepting our differences & finding common ground |

BACKGROUND | In U.S. History, THE MAYFLOWER is celebrated as the merchant ship that brought the first Puritans (known today as Pilgrims) from Plymouth, England to the ‘New World’ (Now the United States) in 1620.

This MAYFLOWER is a restaurant, & while some of the people who work here look just like the Pilgrims did, some others originate from other parts of the world, & belong just the same. The show is about human connection through some of the realities that separate us.

VISION | In my ambition to make my mark on the film industry, I brought together a team of talented Filmmakers, Actors & Artists from Atlanta, San Diego & Phoenix. Armed with a wealth of diversity in people & skill, I am leading a collective to tell meaningful & relevant stories in a creatively rich, warm & growth oriented work environment.

Together, we invite you to join us in considering an alternate perspective.

Eposi Litumbe