Eposi Litumbe is a Screen Writer & Film Maker based in San Diego, CA. Born in Cameroon, Africa, raised in Atlanta, GA & now based in Southern California, Eposi created THE MAYFLOWER as a counter to the divisive messages often projected in the media today. A desire to be a part of the change she wanted to see, the series was written with human connection as the underlying theme, without losing a sense of the real issues that divide us as people. Corporate experience in Biotech equips Eposi with the transferable skills to lead THE MAYFLOWER project to completion. Previous work includes a Microsoft Ad, several short films & the Africa travel series, ‘JANU with Eposi’. Eposi is a former professional Stuntwoman & worked on MTV’s My Super Psycho Sweet 16 & Lionsgate’s Dance of the Dead early in her career. When not working in Biotech or in the film space, Eposi serves as a part-time commercial model in San Diego.

Eposi Litumbe