Featured Speaker of the evening Sam Tsoi gave a profound, relatable account of his personal experience as an immigrant to the United States, opening up about how impactful to his wellbeing it was to have other people build him up over time.

He shared how his present professional experience in advocating for the well being & assimilation of new immigrants to the United States in San Diego has had also shaped his perspective. He touched on the benefits of a close & caring community, how coming together in support of members, homegrown or born elsewhere has positive, lasting & long term effects on the entire community.


The Director & Cast (Sans female Lead & Creator Eposi Litumbe during the Q & A)

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Creator, Writer, Exec. Producer & female lead, Eposi Litumbe

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In a speech about the value of a supportive film community & an engaged audience, Creator, Eposi Litumbe gave a personal account of how the production of The Pilot came together along with the projected future of the Series.

Director, Barbarella Fokos & Male Lead, Aleksander D’Avignon

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The Q & A at the end or the screening was a wonderful interactive experience with the audience. Questions from how the entire production came together to the actors’ processes were covered with the most consideration.

Eposi Litumbe